Acupuncture for Neck Pain

Daiki HiranoAcupuncture

When treating the neck, it is important to listen carefully to the patient’s symptoms.

By hearing the symptoms, we make a hypothesis.

If it is this symptom,

“This is the bad muscle of the neck.”

“No, this is a little deeper muscle and nerve stimulation.”

“This is nerve pain.”


At this time, Acupuncture’s strength is that it can immediately help the problem area.


If the hypothesis is correct, the symptoms will soon become milder.


If it is wrong, check to see if I can think of it or go back to the examination.


Our strengths

“The ability to listen to symptoms”

“The ability to make hypotheses”

“The treatment techniques”

to establish this hypothesis.


If you have trouble with neck or shoulder symptoms, please contact us.


Various pains from the neck

There are three main points of pain from the neck.

1)Determine where the pain is coming from
Neck sprain, cervical spine pain, radiculopathy, and pain due to herniated discs are often visited as cervical diseases.


“If you think your shoulders are stiff and your shoulders and back are massaged however your symptoms will not improve.”

“It was said that there was no abnormality after taking X-rays.”

“The shoulder pain was caused by the heart and internal organs.”

These need to be judged through oral questions and examination by a practitioner.

One of the Mentor’s teachings


“First of all, don’t hurt the patient. Determine what I can do for patients”


Of course, if the cause is the heart or internal organs, it is necessary to consult a hospital or request an ambulance from our clinic.

“The herniated disc, it has been diagnosed many years ago and remains in a bad state (stagnation type)”

“I fell yesterday and got a bang on my head, causing pain and numbness in my hands. Symptoms are getting stronger (progressive)”


It is necessary to infer not only the name of the disease but also the state of the current symptoms.

Our clinic has thoroughly refined “diagnosis” as well as “treatment techniques” so that you can come to treatment with peace of mind.


Pain patterns coming to our clinic

Neck sprain

“When I wake up this morning, my neck hurts and does not move.”

Many of the sleeping mistakes are mostly improved by a few treatments at the Nelson Shinkyu Acupuncture Clinic.

The neck can not be moved, so it can not be turned around.

Even if I stay still, I am told that it hurts.

In our clinic, we are very good at this type of pain and can be moved right after, so we are pleased.



Cervical facet Joint type pain

When inflammation occurs around the cervical facet joint, the pain occurs not only in the neck but also inside the shoulders and shoulder blades.

If the pain inside the shoulder or scapula is caused by muscles, pain occurs when the shoulder is moved.

But in the case of pain coming from the cervical spine, the pain changes depending on the neck movement.


There are seven cervical vertebrae (C1-7), but there are joint surfaces between them.

Depending on the height of the symptom source, if the pain is C2-3 as shown in the figure, the pain is from the upper neck to the back of the head.

In C5-6 and C6-7, pain close to stiff shoulders occurs.


Myofascial pain syndrome: trigger point type

Another type of pain is the “muscle fascial pain syndrome: trigger point” a pain caused by muscles that were studied mainly by Dr. Travel in the United States.


As for the trigger point, the difference of touching the muscle has a stingy squeaky cord-like induration.

If there is a trigger at the cross in the figure, the pain will occur in the red area (related pain).

At this time, the point of treatment is not the red pain part, but the part marked by x.


It is very consistent with the acupuncture points used in acupuncture and is also an effective treatment point.