Acute Lower Back Pain

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Acupuncture for Acute Lower Back Pain

Boost healing

A medical examination will be conducted to find out if there is “acute back pain” or “is there any other priority situation?”


This medical examination is important before the treatment.


The treatment of Acute lower back pain needs only gentle acupuncture and changes occur.

Acute back pain heals in an average of 2 weeks without any treatment.

So why do you need acupuncture?

First of all, please be aware that “resting (the level of absolute resting in the hospital that you are hospitalized in bed) slows down the healing”, which is also stated in the guidelines of low back pain.

In recent years, research in the world has shown that “resting = getting worse” in the case of acute back pain.

Acupuncture reduces pain in an early stage.

As one of a guideline, assuming that the current pain is 10, 90% of patients will be 3 or less after 2 treatments.

Naturally, if the pain is reduced, it will become “movable”.
As a result, by “avoiding rest”, the time to healing is greatly reduced from 2 weeks.

The most important purpose of acupuncture treatment on acute back pain is “early recovery”.


The relationship between the cause of acute back pain and chronic back pain


Acute lower back pain and chronic lower back pain are the same low back pain.
However, they have significant differences.

First, “the size of the outer circle” means “the intensity of pain”.
You can see that the left acute lower back pain is intense pain that can’t move, and the circle is “pain” stronger than chronic back pain.

However, when looking at the cause, the acute back pain is one of the causes is that the fascia is abnormal, and to respond to a sudden change, it is in a state where a warning is given to the body.

The cause of the acute lower back pain is very simple.

Chronic low back pain has been created with back pain for many years, and the cause is as complex as a tangled thread.

In treatment, it is necessary to work on solving each one.


Fascia as a cause of acute lower back pain


In recent year, fascia has attached as one of the cause lower back pain.


My Acupuncture is focused on release of this strained fascia.