Cruising Acupuncturist

Daiki HiranoAcupuncture, Nelson

Daiki an acupuncturist,  Nelson Shinkyu Acupuncture Clinic in Tahunanui has a unique experience.

He had been working cruise ships as an Acupuncturist for 4 years.

Many people don’t know it even who has done cruising.

Might some people know acupuncture on board?

And it is quite expensive.

What Daiki helped onboard?


Daiki has done 4 contracts working on board.

I had been working for long hours and treated over 8,000 guests onboard.

The practice on board was Japanese Acupuncture same as Nelson Shinkyu Acupuncture Clinic.

Many guests from all over the world have satisfied my treatment result.

Cruiseing Acupuncture is bit unique because the guests stay on board short term like for 1 week.

Then Acupuncturist has to make guests better for 1 week.

It is possible to make improvement with only 3 treatments.

Acupuncture has instant efect even chronic conditions.

What kind of symproms are common?


I have seen many symptoms such as below list

・general pain
・digestive issue
・neurological problems
・ sea sickness.

Common symptoms on board are the same as on land.

Musculoskeletal pain is the most common concern on board.

Daiki spread Japanese Acupuncture

I have been working as an Acupuncturist on board.

Working onboard is not only doing acupuncture.

I needed to holding acupuncture seminar for guests.

And always explained Japanese Acupuncture.

Japanese Acupuncture in Nelson


Japanese Acupuncture in Nelson

Now Daiki is practicing Japanese Acupuncture in Nelson.

I am looking forward to helping people in Nelson.

And hope Japanese Acupuncture is getting popular in Nelson.