Do you maintain your body?

Daiki HiranoExercise, Nelson

Do you maintain your body?

What do you imagine being called maintenance?

Exercise, yoga, stretch, diet, beauty treatment salon, treatment room, etc.
Each person will have a different answer.

All are correct! !

The point is whether you are making time to face your body.

Until our bodies reach the end of their lives,
Body parts replacement is impossible.

That’s why we needas maintained whenever it is used.

So what should we do specifically?


Persons who do not exercise at all

Let’s move the body first.

But what can’t go wrong here is Suddenly you start exercising like in the past.

If you don’t move your body, your muscles and joints move less.

When I was young, I was able to do so easily.

If you move suddenly, your body will not be able to follow and you would get hurt.

In order not to be so, first of all, make a body that can start an exercise.

Start by walking, stretching, get enough sleep, eat well.

Let’s start here.

Persons who exercise regularly

Do you warm-up and cool down?

I know, but it ’s annoying …

Many people think that.

But this is also good maintenance.

Then touch your body.

When cooling down or after taking a bath
Please touch it.

There should be some pain in touching and pinching.

If you leave it as it is, fatigue will accumulate, it may lead to injury.

Just gently rub from your fingertips to your heart, your blood flow will improve.

Even though your body is screaming, are you pretending to cast a blind eye?

Please Look after yourself.