Frequency of Acupuncture Treatment

Daiki HiranoAcupuncture, Nelson

Acupuncture = pain management

I guess many people think about it.


Acupuncture would help a variety of symproms.


Not only pain relief even a beauty treatment, childhood illness care, improved immunity, vision recovery, supplementary treatments such as cerebrovascular disorders and cancer, etc.

I have treated these kinds of symptoms.


A wide range of medical knowledge is necessary because we are going to examine all sorts of physical problems.

Speaking of oriental medicine

Some people are thought that seems to be effective and can only get a result after many treatments, but in fact, it is an immediate effect.


The immediate effect, especially on pain, is effective.


Therefore, it is frequently used for various pains such as the tight back, neuralgia, frozen shoulders, and chronic low back pain.

When treating pain with acupuncture, the pain usually decreases immediately after the treatment.

In the case of back pain, the treatment can be expected to be alleviated by a single treatment.

As a patient, it is natural that you want to reduce all pain in one treatment if you can.

However, it is risky to get rid of all the initial pain at once.


There is some reason.

Too much stimulation puts a heavy burden on the body.

If you only remove all pain, you will think that it has been cured and you will move too much and it may worsen.


In the case of severe pain, for example, the first time is this, the second is this time, and so on.
I think it is ideal to treat the symptoms.

Ideal and reality are always different.

But I would like to pursue the best one according to the patient’s condition and situation, such as the number of treatments and treatment frequency.