Frozen shoulder

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Frozen Shoulder = Adhesive capsulitis


Typical symptoms include shoulder pain and shoulder joint movement that develop after the 40s. Although medical personnel may call it “Adhensive capsulitis”

Although many people suffer from frozen shoulders, the cause is not well understood in modern medicine.


Frozen shoulders are expressed in an easy-to-understand

“There are many unclear points of cause and pathology.

But the muscles and tendons of the shoulders move poorly.

Eeventually, the joint capsule and the bursa become adhesive and the joints are hard.

It can be said that the situation (joint contracture) is occurring.”


Typical pattern


Inflamation stage ⇨ Contraction stage ⇨ Recovery Stage

➖red line (pain)

➖gray line ( joint movement)



Inflamation stage

・Be aware of shoulder pain (The cause is not always clear)

・The pain becomes stronger and the pain comes during the night.

・The shoulder becomes stiffer and becomes aware of the poor movement such as difficult to wear shirts etc.

Purpose of acupuncture for this stage

Ideally, it is better to have acupuncture as early as possible.

Because I want to prevent further pain that occurs later by preventing the pain from worsening.

I also want to avoid the symptoms of stiff shoulders.

And above all, it has the purpose of releasing as soon as possible from shoulder pain.


Contraction stage

・Pain becomes lighter compared to the inflammation stage.

・ Joint stiffness is conspicuous.

・It is inconvenient in daily life such as putting on and taking off clothes, washing hair, and combing hair.


Purpose of acupuncture for this stage

During this time, the peak of pain has passed but there is still pain.

Therefore, the time to reduce pain, but it is a time when it is quite difficult to move the shoulder, so we will provide acupuncture, exercise and rehabilitation guidance to expand the range of motion.


Recovery stage

・ Pain is relieved and joint movement improves with each treatment.


Purpose of acupuncture for this stage

During this time, the pain becomes lighter.
The range of motion will also increase.

I will try to find the last remaining symptom and try to improve it.