The Role of Acupuncture Therapy in Long COVID Recovery

Daiki HiranoGeneral

Discover how acupuncture therapy offers hope for Long COVID sufferers by alleviating symptoms like fatigue, breathlessness, joint pain, and memory issues.

Explore the potential benefits and mechanisms of acupuncture in promoting recovery and improving quality of life.



Long COVID, characterized by persistent symptoms following COVID-19 infection, poses significant challenges to patients’ well-being. Symptoms such as fatigue, breathlessness, joint pain, and memory issues can persist for weeks or months after the initial infection.

Recent studies suggest that acupuncture therapy may provide relief for Long COVID symptoms and aid in patient recovery. In this article, we explore the potential effects of acupuncture therapy on Long COVID.

Symptoms of Long COVID

Long COVID encompasses a range of symptoms, including chronic fatigue, breathlessness, joint pain, muscle stiffness, memory issues, headaches, insomnia, chest pain, and digestive symptoms, impacting patients’ daily lives.

Approach of Acupuncture Therapy to Long COVID

Acupuncture therapy aims to rebalance the body’s energy flow by stimulating meridians and acupoints, potentially reducing symptoms and promoting recovery in Long COVID patients.


Effects and Mechanisms of Acupuncture Therapy

Explore the potential effects and mechanisms of acupuncture therapy for Long COVID, including:

  1. Immune modulation: Acupuncture may regulate the immune system and normalize immune responses, potentially reducing excessive inflammation associated with Long COVID symptoms.
  2. Fatigue reduction: Acupuncture therapy can alleviate fatigue and support energy restoration, with acupoints like Taichong and San Yin Jiao thought to be beneficial.
  3. Improvement of respiratory function: Acupuncture may enhance respiratory function, reducing breathlessness and supporting lung health.
  4. Relief of muscle and joint pain: Acupuncture therapy may reduce muscle and joint pain, improving mobility and comfort. Acupoints like Ashi Sanli and Jianjing are believed to promote muscle relaxation.
  5. Enhancement of cognitive function: Acupuncture therapy may improve cognitive function and memory, with specific acupoints contributing to increased blood flow to the brain.


Long COVID presents ongoing challenges for patients, affecting their quality of life. Acupuncture therapy offers a ray of hope in the journey towards Long COVID recovery, with potential benefits including immune modulation, fatigue reduction, respiratory function improvement, pain relief, and cognitive enhancement.

However, individual responses may vary, highlighting the importance of consulting experienced acupuncturists for personalized treatment.

Long COVID patients may find relief and improvement in their quality of life through the integration of acupuncture.